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Bio-Energy Animal Healing

Animals/mammals, as well as humans, have the natural ability to heal themselves. When you cut your finger, you watch it heal naturally. The body is built that way. The best we can do for our pets when they are not healing naturally, after you have consulted and applied veterinarian care, is to make sure all blocks, emotions and past traumas move out of the way to give the body the space to naturally heal.

On a Bio-Healing Animal Healing session, the first thing I do is balance out the chakras of the pet by running Universal energy. I then focus on the current issue. My goal is to move blocks and obstructions out of the way so the body can do the best in allowing healing.

The session is typically is done over Zoom, but can be done in person, (Yakima, WA). The session is 45-55 minutes. I use a photograph of the pet with only the pet in the picture and no one else. And where I see their eyes. Ideally, it would benefit if I had a hair sample. However, I know this can be a problem. Over Zoom, if I can see the animal, I should be able to pick up on his/her energy just fine. I use a surrogate, a stuffed animal in my office, to run the energy and do the bio-healing for the pet. You can watch, but I will mute the call, as to not be disturbed. Then we discuss later.

The first session of this nature is by donation. If further sessions, or advanced healing is needed, there will be a charge to be determined at that time.

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