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Holistic/Spiritual Sessions-SIMPSON PROTOCOL (SP) Certified Practitioner

Simpson Protocol is a holistic/spiritual hypnosis session where we connect with Superconscious (spirit) to make the

determination of what needs to be done in reaching your desired and intended goal. I serve as the guide that offers

opportunity to tap into your Superconscious mind to do this life changing work.

ImproveMe Bundle Now Available

Taking one issue and offering 3 sessions of different hypnosis in a reduced cost package. The ImproveMe bundle consists first of taking the immediate pressure off using your Conscious Mind and NLP. Next is the Subconscious Mind shift session. The third is tapping into Spirit and the Superconscious Mind with Simpson Protocol for a "you2.0". 

Healing Hypnosis

There have been recent ground-breaking studies done with the brain and mind. With this, we are discovering how best to work with the mind to unwind past traumas, to preserve the learnings and lessons, yet remove the emotional trauma. These new techniques are absolutely fascinating, quick, and highly effective. Cindy is a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has high level skills in her toolbox. 
The other type of hypnosis Cindy offers is a deep, holistic hypnosis where the client has the opportunity to address their entire system (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) in correction and healing work. This holistic hypnosis can be CONTENT FREE, so it's great for embarrassing or deeper issues the client doesn't want to share. Cindy guides the path while the client does their own self-healing. The first session usually is the Foundation Work that sets you up for all subsequent sessions. Usually, most people can resolve their issues in 1-3 sessions. 


Become a member (above) and get details to these sessions.

Pet Hypnosis

From Cindy. 
It is my passion to help animals in the most change worthy way possible. We are so very close to our animal friends. I am aware that many pet issues are tied directly to their person. Many times the permanent resolve of a pet issue is dependent on their person obtaining a changed, improved state. This holistic healing hypnosis connects person and pet. The animal's person is used as a surrogate for the pet where we address the pet's issue. It's quite fascinating and as powerful as I've ever witnessed. FYI, the pet doesn't have to be present for the session with their person, and can be done over Zoom worldwide. 

If you, too, have a burning desire to care for your pet in the best way possible, holistic hypnosis work should be highest on your list. Other options include checking out the Trust Technique. Founder, James French, teaches students (the first part is free) the value of being present with the animal to calm down any anxiety and create a stronger person/pet bond ( I also recommend gaining valued experience in detecting Silent Pain in Animals, including bodywork to help the healing process. ( Both of these processes you can learn at home.

Past Life Regression

Do you believe we have lived one or more past lives? This concept can be controversial for some religious beliefs. But if you are open to the idea, then you have even more resources to resolve a today's issue. Quite often when seeking root cause of today's issue, traveling back lifetimes and resolving something from a past life will make the situation manageable today. Not only is accessing a past life good for therapy, some people want to experience a past life or two, just for fun!

Cross Over Connection

Have your own experience connecting with those who have crossed over, through this heartfelt hypnosis session.

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