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Cindy Attar has practiced hypnosis, NLP, and energy healing to help a flurry of people in the eastern Washington area since 2009.

Cindy was raised in Skagit County, Washington.


Since she was a young adult, Cindy was determined to figure out what it took to be happy. Following her equine passion, Cindy moved around quite a bit, mostly in Washington state, searching to put roots in a small farm where she and her horse and mule family could reside. To continually better herself towards that happiness goal, Cindy discovered hypnosis as the utmost healing tool. This awesome changework prompted her to pursue becoming the hypnotherapist to help others as she was helped. 

Cindy Attar
Cindy Attar has studied with many of the world’s heavyweights in the hypnosis, NLP, and healing circles.
Cindy Attar

Cindy is proudly a Simpson Protocol (SP) Practitioner, a deep and high holistic hypnosis which puts you in the driver's seat for improvements to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Through Cindy's guidance, you and your Superconscious Mind "correct what once went wrong" to upgrade to a you2.0.


Cindy also is certified in Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), Parts Therapy, Regression Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and more. Cindy engages the greatest hypnosis (and other) skills available today to help you achieve your intended goal.


In amongst all of this, Cindy has done some awesome work with animals/pets using their person as surrogate in ground breaking animal hypnosis/healing sessions. Using the same surrogate work, she can assist with parent/child issues where the child cannot engage in hypnosis. (Be open to possibilities!)


Cindy brings all these skills as a Washington State Department of Health Certified Hypnotherapist to her office in Yakima, WA and also on Zoom to clients (even pet/child work) worldwide. 

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