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Your body heals naturally if at all possible. The Divine made it that way. Love is the key ingredient to healing. When we love, we are connecting to our true Divine Self.

The main reason we do not heal is that there are fears, emotions, past traumas, and/or negative imprints in the way. The best antidote to these things is more LOVE. 

In a Love Healing Event, Cindy guides you to take a few minutes to feel love. Receive love from others by remembering loving events, people, animals. Send love out to others without judgment. Let love radiate out from your being, just like your pet does naturally.  


During the event, be open to receiving even more love that Cindy brings in from "Upstairs." Whether you "believe in this stuff" or not, it doesn't matter. Maybe you will experience healings, a removing of blocks to better, more abundance, more love and joy in your life, higher energy vibration, feel better, and/or have less pains. Or maybe you won't. Even if you only feel love for 15 minutes (instead of some other less-than emotion), wouldn't that be great in itself?

Currently Cindy is giving free group sessions at Harman Center and at local Yakima assisted living facilities. One-on-one sessions are available for a fee.

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